I read widely and voraciously, with little discipline (although I have my bouts).  And then I write about it—sometimes a little, sometimes more (not sure how often I get to “a lot”, so let’s go with “more” instead).  I’m a Mystery junkie and have been since I can remember, I love Urban Fantasy, I can’t pass up good Science Fiction or Fantasy, I’ve been known to dabble in Chick Lit (‘tho, honestly, I’m more comfortable in “Lad Lit”), a decent Western will do the trick—and I’m even open to a well-written and highly recommended Romance novel (see Myke Cole’s writing and interviews on the subject).

On the Non-Fiction side, I admit I’m a bit more limited—if it catches my eye, though, I’ll read anything. I typically end up with Biography/Autobiography/Memoir or Politics on the mainstream side. I’m also a Theology Nerd, of the Reformed Protestant variety. So my current reads will feature a lot in that ballpark.

Anyway, the idea here is to write about these things, and other related topics—news about publishing/books/authors, books in general, and anything else that seems to fit. If for no other reason than people who read my other blog seem to like me talking about other things, so I’ll just keep those posts here now.

Please comment, disagree, quibble and whatnot throughout here. Just keep it civil.

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    1. Despise? Nah. I’m more confused and befuddled by it. I do not understand the acclaim and appeal. There’s a few sentences that show a little wit, but that’s it. Lousy and shallow characters, a plot that surely was predictable even when Austen pinned it. I really just don’t see why it has the following it does. Give me a book by a Brontë sister any day.

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  1. I am the author of a book titled No Problem, Mr. Walt. Please take a look at my website and see if the subject matter catches your eye. If so, I am interested in having you reviewing my book.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hi, H.C.

    I have two books I’d love to have you review:

    The Id from Eden is a fictional work about AI getting into the wrong hand (e.g. Satan)
    The Black Line is non-fiction and about my team’s writing the software that flew the SR-71 spy plane for 22 years. It has interviews with two of the flight crews.

    Any interest?

    John Altson


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