A Word About My Ratings

I’m of mixed-mind about ratings about books, it seems demeaning (and pretty subjective) to grade them like this. But it’s also handy to be able to tell at a glance what someone thinks of a book. So, here’s my approach. For now, I’ll stick to the stars ratings, but as I move this more and more away from just copying my goodreads efforts, I might substitute something else. But it’ll basically stick to this scale (it just might look a little different)

5 Stars = Grade: A. I loved it. Blew me away. Knocked my socks off. The stuff that dreams are made of. Get thee to a book store/library and put this on the top of your TBR pile!

4 Stars = Grade: B. Highly recommended. Very entertaining (where applicable), well-written, and whatnot. More than worth the time to read.

3 Stars = Grade: C. It’s good enough, get’s the job done — entertains/educates/keeps your interest. Nothing dazzling, but worth the time. Recommended.

2 Stars = Grade: D. Don’t bother.

1 Star = Grade: F. This is not a book to be lightly tossed aside. It should be thrown with great force.

Comments, quibbles, suggestions?

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