Spotlight Me/My Book!

Okay, so I don’t have time to read your book, but I’d like to help you get the word out. Fill this out and I’ll almost certainly throw up a Book Spotlight and/or Guest Post to do that. I’ll tweet about it, put it on my Facebook page, and I generally get a few shares and retweets from these.

What do I mean by Spotlight? Typically, I give the stats about a book (title, pages, publisher, etc.), blurb, cover image, about the author, purchasing links, etc. Basically, the info I ask for below. Basically, it’s a marketing opportunity.

I reserve the right not to invest the time/webspace to promote a book that I wouldn’t read, and I won’t argue with anyone about why I didn’t take on a book.

(I need to know how to communicate with you)

I’d like three weekday dates (in order of preference) you’d like me to choose to post on (please, please, don’t make your first choice tomorrow! A week’s advance would be best):

(please be prepared to submit a cover image and, if you’d like, an author photo)