The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss

The Slow Regard of Silent Things (Tales from Temerant)The Slow Regard of Silent Things

by Patrick Rothfuss

Hardcover, 159 pg.
DAW Books, 2014
Read: October 30 – 31, 2014You know what? I’ll be honest here. It’s been so long since I’ve read The Wise Man’s Fear that I’ve forgotten everyone’s name except Kvothe and Bast (although I frequently think Bash). So when I heard that this little book would be focusing on Auri, I thought Denna instead. A couple pages in I knew I was wrong, so I took a quick trip to and got my names straight. Finally having the right character associated with the name, I was probably more excited than ever about this book, more time with the mysterious and strange Auri? Yes, please.

There’s no real plot-line, no story — it’s more of a slice-of-life kind of thing. How does Auri spend a week — in what seems a representative, yet atypical, sample. It’s truly rewarding to see how Auri’s mind works — and to get an inkling of an idea how she fits in (or, at least, fit in) to The University.

The voice isn’t that of Kvothe, it’s nothing like Kvothe’s voice — which is a huge relief for many who wondered if Rothfuss could sound any other way. No, it’s just how Auri should sound. He (not at all surprisingly) captured her essence so well. For someone we know so little about, it’s astounding to me how often I read a line or paragraph or whatever and said, “Yes, this is her exactly.”

It’s tough for me to know how to say anything about this (in case you hadn’t noticed), so let me just stop trying: The Slow Regard of Silent Things is a nice read. A light, sad, whimsical read — with bit of darkness in the background (it only shows up in the vaguest sense). Just a pleasure.

I don’t know if Rothfuss has more things like this planned, or if the next things we’ll see out of him is the end of the Kingkiller Chronicles. While hoping for the latter, I’ll take either after reading this.


4 1/2 Stars

Dusted Off: The Story Board

The thing I mentioned with Arnold the other day is pretty much over, and the family (he in particular) are working on recovering from that, and I am drained mentally and physically, I’m clinging to consciousness here at work the last few days. For example, right now, if I leaned back in my desk chair, I could be asleep in 30 seconds. Which is making the whole writing thing pretty hard — I’m trying to be good, I just know if I let off on the daily writing thing, it’ll take months, if not a year, to reestablish that. So I got about 100 words yesterday, 300 or so today. No where near my minimum requirements, but…

Anyway, by gum, I’m trying to get something new posted by the end of this week.


Here’s something that both entertained and inspired me, sorta the point of this post. Geek & Sundry, one of the new Youtube channel things (and the one I watch the most of, all due respect and fealty to The Nerdist notwithstanding) started a new thing yesterday, a monthly google+ hangout conversation hosted by Patrick Rothfuss about writing called The Story Board. Now, that’s enough for me, I’m watching. But this first episode featured Jim Butcher as one of the guests talking about Urban Fantasy. Squee! Good stuff. You must check it out.