Read My Book!

1/11/20—I’m currently scheduling March-June(ish), but know that I won’t commit to a lot in April/early May, it’s just a busy time at work. As always, if I’ve already read something by you (or someone you’ve represented/published), hit me up—you get moved to the beginning of the line if I can make it work.

You’ve written a book? Congrats! You want me to read it? First—thanks, I’m flattered. Second, I’m probably game*—if there’s a date you want it done by? Well . . . we’ll see what we can work out. Otherwise, it’s FIFO. I prefer Kindle-friendly books (well, I prefer hardcopy, but I know that’s a lot to ask, so—Kindle-friendly), but can handle ePub. If you ask nicely, I might read a PDF (I don’t like the way they look on my e-Readers and have to spend time resizing every page so it doesn’t hurt my eyes—that’s time I’d rather spend reading). I’d very much appreciate it if you’d send a cover image with your book.

If you’re an agent, a publicist, a publisher and you want me to consider someone’s book—same rules.

I’ll read whatever as far as genre goes (you’ll have to sell me hard on a Zombie book, Romance or Self-Help): just make your pitch interesting; try not to let your form’s grammar/spelling make me question your writing ability (I don’t care how cool the book is, it won’t “peak” my interest—and yes, I’ve been told that multiple times); answer the questions I ask (“when” and “what” mean very different things); and come across like someone nice to work with. Also, once I say, “yes,” don’t hit me with a list of demands, you make me dislike myself for agreeing to read your book—resulting in a miserable experience for me (which makes it difficult for me to say nice things about your book). Actually, after a couple of problems in 2019 (one un-named author in particular) I’ve decided that if you start demanding things from me after I say yes, I’m going to not read/stop reading your book (even if I’m loving it at the 90% mark). It’s petty, but it’s my blog and I’m tired of not enjoying it.

I do go out of my way to be fair and reasonable in what I say about a book — but I do give less than rave reviews frequently. I know many book bloggers won’t post negative—or even “meh”—reviews. I’m not one of them. There are two reasons for this: any review (I’m assured) on Goodreads, Amazon, or anywhere else helps your metrics no matter what it says; moreover if I spend the time reading your book, I’m getting a post out of it. I do prefer to like things though, so you’re going to get a lot of slack from me.

Unless you specify otherwise, a few hours after posting here, I’ll cross-post to Amazon, Goodreads and BookLikes (and other places you might want me to).

* This is subject to change at a moment’s notice if I can’t keep up or something.