Dusted-Off: Lunatics by Dave Barry, Alan Zweibel


by Dave Barry
Hardcover, 320 pg.
Putnam Adult,2012

How does one write a book like this? First, you take a couple of characters, that while not exactly people you can meet each day, are close enough that you can buy them as characters in a novel. Then you put them in a relatable, if exaggerated, bad situation. Then you let that situation spin wildly, and hilariously, out of control and right into a worse situation–and let that one spin wildly, and hilariously, out of control and right into another–and repeat. Several times.

If you do that juuuust right, you might come close to capturing the brilliantly wacky madness that is Lunatics.

More than once, I laughed, guffawed, choked, chuckled, cracked-up, cackled, and did a spit-take. I’m sure my wife was as glad I was done with the book as I was disappointed it was over–a day and a half of my very loud reactions to this book were little more than she could tolerate.

Find yourself a nice, secluded little spot and read this. Soon. Sooner, even.


4 Stars

Insane City by Dave Barry

Insane CityInsane City by Dave Barry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ridiculous. Utterly Ridiculous. Which is what it was going for, so good on Barry.

I didn’t think it was as satisfying a novel as his first two solo works, bu the further I got into it, and the more out of control the plot got, the more I warmed to it and the more I laughed.

The ending’s fairly predictable, but pretty satisfying — and funny.

Lots of laughs to be had