Dusted Off: Really shouldn’t have taken the time when I did, but…

I’m done. And to steal a phrase from Nero Wolfe, all I have to say for the moment is, “Most satisfactory.”

17 thoughts on “Dusted Off: Really shouldn’t have taken the time when I did, but…

  1. Yeah, why not?Rusty, TLomL, maybe creadmus, anyone else…beware, there be Spoliers here(scroll space)Go for it, gf!First–did you think it appropriate (to the character and the audience) for Mrs Weasly to use that language at the end?


  2. Oh absolutely. Also, remember in the UK that “bitch” is a much more frequently used term for a female dog. They use it all the time. It’s a powerful word and for crying out loud it applies to Bellatrix. I loved that whole scene. (Jon disagrees–he didn’t like it.)Here’s the big puzzler in our household. What did you think the significance of the flayed, whimpering infant in King’s Cross? Can’t fully wrap my mind around what Rowling was trying to get across. But maybe I’m trying too hard.


  3. I’m with you–I just brought it up ‘cuz I ran into a bunch of gripes about that scene yesterday, in particular that one line of dialogue. Which really surprised me–I thought the scene was perfect. Am still working on that infant myself. What’s your best guess?


  4. guys, guys, guys! Come on! The infant so represents the dead part of Voldemort which had permeated a part of Potter until he could finally be victorious over him (Voldemort). The only way victory could be had was if Potter himself was accepting of death willingly, which was something Voldemort never had the capability to do.That scene demonstrated Potter’s struggle to let go of his wicked half so to speak.And I thought it very appropriate for Mrs. Weasley to take charge and speak the way she did. I mean let’s face it…Belatrix was a bitch. Plus, it’s about time we were able to see Mrs. Weasley as a true heroine and not just a modest homemaker…Best book so far. Excellent.


  5. Didn’t read the spoilers. Bought the book for the #1 child. I’m still churning through book four, trying to catch up, so it’ll have to sit on the shelf for a while.


  6. Wow, credamus. Thank you. That helps a lot. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s fuzzy on the whole Harry-Voldemort/Voldemort-Harry connection. How he actually managed to survive…and kill Voldemort without dying…I’m still trying to work that out.As for Snape…were any of you disappointed that his redemption wasn’t a little more dramatic? It turns out he’s one of the most impressive, interesting characters in the series.I wasn’t disappointed at the time, but the more I think of it, the more I am.


  7. Okay, wait, maybe you’re onto something Hob, because Harry says to Voldemort, in the final dual, “I’ve see what you’ll become.” Bad paraphrase.Bottom line: Credamus, how could this be Harry’s dark side if it’s Voldemort’s future? And why did Voldemort collapse when he “killed” Harry? He didn’t feel anything when the other Horcruxes were destroyed.


  8. Hob – not buying! sph! Bring it! 🙂Voldemort collapsed when he tried to kill Harry because Harry willingly went to his death and once again old Volde’ was faced with the big word “love” which he was never able to stand against.Harry held onto his visions of Voldemort’s feelings and emotions, and even said in the latter part of the book that he had grown to like having the part of Voldemort in him. Voldemort didn’t feel anything with the destruction of the horcruxes…wait a minute..actually I think he did… with a loss of power he didn’t realize until the very end. The infant struggling to live was the representation of Harry’s struggle to let go Voldemort’s power that he unwillingly bequeathed to Harry when first attempting to murder him. If you remember there was an internal struggle when Harry first saw the infant to go and help it, but at last, the more he spoke to Dumbledore, the easier it became to be repulsed by it. Harry didn’t die when he was killed because just like the previous themes in the book Voldemort couldn’t kill Harry. Harry had something protecting him that the sinister Voldemort could never understand: a willingness to die for the protection of others.As for Snape…I thought it was perfect! True heroes never shine.I’m reading the book again! credamus


  9. P.S. And of course Harry knew what Voldemort would become. Harry saw what became of the part of Voldemort which lived in him. Harry was the last horcrux.


  10. And…how many wizards went WILLINGLY to their death (with the exception of Dumbledore) when they KNEW FOR CERTAIN they were going to die?Still waiting for Hobart to pitch in…


  11. AAARGH! I meant to bring the book with me tonight so I could re-read those sections. Sorry! Been unpacking like a madman (rescuing my preciouses from their cardboard prisons and returning them to shelves, etc.) during the day. Will try again tomorrow…


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