Dusted Off: An Open Letter to Jim Butcher

Dear Mr. Butcher,

I just finished reading your latest Dresden Files novel, Changes and would like to thank you for one of the best reads I’ve had in months. And by thanks I mean to say that I hope you die a slow, agonizing death. Not anytime soon, mind you, it needs to be after you’ve completed the next novel (if not the whole series). Still, I hope it happens, and I hope you dread its coming.

I actually am just kidding, sir. If nothing else, the intensity of my initial reaction speaks to the connection that exists between the great characters you’ve created and your readers. Honestly, you seem like a pretty cool guy, I’d love to buy you a Whopper some time and just chat–‘course what I’d really love is to take that Whopper and shove it so far down your throat that…

maybe I should finish this some other time.



One thought on “Dusted Off: An Open Letter to Jim Butcher

  1. I have to agree with Mr. Newton. I took the time to re-read the entire series again before cracking Changes. When I finished the book, I slammed it shut and stormed out of the room so quickly my husband thought he had done something to annoy me. I put the book back on the shelf immediately so I didn't rip it to tiny shreds, I don't believe in destoying perfectly good paper . . .

    That being said, I look forward to the next Dresden installment, it can't end worse than this one, can it? If it does, may I join Mr. Newton and Mr. Butcher at Burger King?


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