Dusted Off: Redshirts by John Scalzi


by John Scalzi
Hardcover, 217 pg.
Tor Books, 2012

This warmed the cockles of my Geek Heart like no book since Ready Player One. I’m not sure how much I can say without getting into spoiler territory, but I’ll try.

It starts off as a funny–but obvious–Star Trek parody, where all the lower ranking crewmen are terrified to go on away missions, for fear of getting killed in stupid and/or horrible ways. Entertaining enough, but…after a couple of chapters, I started to worry this gag was going to get really old over 300 pages.

Which is when Scalzi shook things up by a clever spoilery twist, which he followed quickly by another spoilery twist. And before I knew it, this had become a serious SF book with a comic flair. The codas at the end turn this from a fun adventure into something with a lot of heart and soul–and even more cleverness than the large amount displayed in the main body of the novel.

I so less-than-three this book. Go and read.


5 Stars


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