Changes (no, not THAT Dresden Files book)

(there’s far less bloodshed here)

So, I started a new job today — which is exciting, and stressful, and good news and many other things. For the first time in almost a decade, I won’t be working the Graveyard Shift anymore — I get to sleep when it’s dark and be awake during the day like a Real Person™ (further proof that my life is not, alas, Urban Fantasy).

What does this mean for the blog? Hopefully, not much — after a period of adjustment. But last week’s minimal posting was due to me running around trying to get ready for this change, and I anticipate the same this week. Next week? I don’t know . . . time will tell.

Please bear with me, I’ve got a lot of balls in the air when it comes to this thing — a lot of plans and hopes, I’m not walking away, just making some adjustments.

2 thoughts on “Changes (no, not THAT Dresden Files book)

  1. Dude, you’ve done Graveyard for ten years? Sweet Jeepers, I’ve done it for about four months and my eyes still bleed when I walk out in the midday sun. That shift plays hell with getting a regular writing, hell, any kind of life routine. Glad you’ve been able to rejoin the day-walkers.


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