June 2016 Report

So, here’s what happened here in June, 2016.

Books Read:

Eleanor & Park Guilty Minds The Ghost Rebellion
5 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie The Highwayman Cheap Shot (Audiobook)
3.5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars
We're All Damaged Steel Victory Where'd You Go, Bernadette
5 Stars 3.5 Stars 4 1/2 Stars
Unshakable Let There Be Linda So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish
3.5 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
The Heist The Cuckoo's Calling The Asset
4 Stars 4 1/2 Stars 4 Stars
The Quest for Merlin Hexed Reformed Dogmatics, Volume 2
3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
The Rook The Question of the Felonious Friend      
5 Stars 4 1/2 Stars      

Still Reading:

Revelation and Reason From the Finger of God Eighty Days

Reviews Posted:

How was your month?


One thought on “June 2016 Report

  1. I read only two of the books you had posted. My reading list is canted away from the fantasy sphere and more into the international intercultural problematical… but I sneak in a few fantasies when I need to leaven the mix. Check my reviews on Amazon under AYJ – I am a top reviewer though I specialize in books, where you cannot get the volume reviews by posting your shirt review under White, Pink, Blue, Green, Grey, Ivory, Lavender, Plaid, Paisley… etc. So my highest ranking is still in five digits –

    So, suggestions? should I add my book reviews to my blog? Sign on to Good Reads? I did not originally post reviews with the idea of gaining rank, but only so I could remember what I thought about a book. But the ranking thing gets the competitive juices flowing – which is really not right! Why should one review be “ranked” higher than another?

    Late night musings after a few glasses of wine…


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