Curse on the Land Q&A with Unit 18

Faith Hunter answers questions from the Beast Claws, her Street Team. These questions are directed towards two of the members of Unit 18, Occam and Tandy.

Q – Occam, what are your intentions towards our Nell?
Occam – Well hell. That woman is ornery as a mule and prickly as a pear cactus. You gotta understand that she’s been through things no woman should ever have to suffer. And she came through it strong and wise and smarter than I’ll ever be. I can’t pursue her like a were-leopard. She done been chased to hell and back. I got feelings for her, but I understand that Nell holds all the cards. And she might not want me. Ever. In any form. Though she did pet my ears. Wonder if she knows that grooming a werecat like is a mating ritual. All I know for sure is Nell Nicholson Ingram ties me up in knots.
Q – Occam, how do you feel about working with a unique being like Nell?
Occam – Nell is amazing. I knew she was something special when I first met her land. Soulwood hums with power and might and unexplored potential. When I walk onto it, it’s like laying down in a whole field of catnip. And then there was Nell, so full of piss and vinegar. Though she’d call it spunk. She’s all prim and proper. She’s also smart and kind and stronger than anybody I ever met. Working with her is like rolling around in that catnip field while simultaneously being beaten with a cat-a-nine tails.
Occam, You seem to have developed a good rapport with Nell. Is it her kind of magic that draws you to her or just her unique personality you find intriguing and irresistible?
Occam – Short answer, yes. (doffs hat and sit at the bar) Anyway a tired man can get a beer in this joint?
Q – Tandy, if you could move to Nell’s woods Do you think you would find yourself drawn to Nell, or is just the woods that call you?
Tandy – I love Nell’s wood. But the person Nell is becoming scares the Lichtenburg lines off of me. Besides, Nell feels too strongly. I think Nell would change me in ways I might not like and before I even realized what was happening.
Q – Tandy, so if it’s Nell’s nature that is drawing you, what kind of dynamic (if any) would develop between you and Mud (the character)?
Tandy – little girls and older men are a cult thing. I’m staying as far away from that child as I possibly can.

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