Two Crime Writers and a Microphone

Two Crime Writers and a MicrophoneA few weeks back I got a notification or two (don’t ask me from where) on Twitter that a new crime fiction podcast was on the horizon from Steve Cavanagh & Luca Veste, who are (apparently) a couple of writers. Sure, I’d never heard of them, but that only means I’m ill-informed (particularly when it comes to crime writers from Liverpool, Belfast, etc.). But I’ve been looking for another crime fiction podcast for a while, so I thought I’d give it a chance when they got around to posting episodes. If nothing else, the title Two Crime Writers and a Microphone was catchy.

I am so, so glad I did — this is probably my favorite podcast of the moment — it’s truly the most laugh-inducing (which says something, since I listen to a few hosted by stand-up comics). Each week they talk a little about the news in publishing (and sometimes outside of it), talk to a book reviewer about a couple of hot titles, interview a crime writer and then leave off with a couple of recommended reads. It’s clear that these two guys are fans of the genre they work in and know what they’re talking about, they enjoy the topic and their guests. Their taste seems fairly impeccable (which roughly translates into at least one of them seems to like the things I like). The guests so far — reviewers and writers alike — have been entertaining and informative.

My one complaint is that I can’t find show notes that list the titles they talk about in each episode — I don’t listen anywhere I can take notes and my short-term memory can’t keep up with the number of books they talk about. I’ve managed to add a couple of titles to by TBR list (including books from the hosts), but I know I’ve missed a few.

The theme and interstitial music was composed and performed by Stuart Neville, a crime writer himself they interviewed a couple of weeks ago. It’s probably the best theme music I’ve heard in ages (TV, movie, or podcast) — probably since that track they use for Bosch. It’s worth trying this podcast just for the music.

It’s available via iTunes or your preferred podcast application. It’s well worth your time and whatever effort you have to put into finding it. I doubt you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as they seem to have making it (I don’t think anyone could), but you’ll come close.

One thought on “Two Crime Writers and a Microphone

  1. I am desperately trying to stay away from things will tempt me to add books to my tbr list. I just added up all the rereads I plan on doing and that added almost 90 more to my already existing 200. And I’ve already winnowed that 200 at least once…


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