This was a little disappointing

I succumbed to one of those things going around Facebook, and rambled enough that I figured it qualified as a short blog post, so . . .

It’s National Book Week (in the U.S.) [And, no, it’s not, but that’s what the silly FB thing says] The rules are, Grab the closest book to you, turn to pg. 56, and post the 5th sentence as your Status.
Don’t mention the title.
Copy the Rules as part of your post:
Here is mine…
“We can’t risk another event like that.”

That seemed boring, so I grabbed the book that one was stacked on top of (making it almost as close) and got: “Every now and then, Warren reached over and leaned on the horn.” Which is only moderately more interesting.

Both books — both pages, really — contain far more interesting sentences, but them’s the rules.


2 thoughts on “This was a little disappointing

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