2018 Independent Bookstore Day

I didn’t celebrate Independent Bookstore Day in quite the same way I did in 2017. Last year, we went to Rediscovered Books, bought a couple of books and then went elsewhere and adopted a dog. This year, we went to Rediscovered Books — played a game (which got me a Blind Date with a Book) — bought a couple of books and chatted with an author.

Altogether less expensive, and I didn’t have to talk in a higher-pitched voice — not even once.

Yeah, I clearly need more practice at taking pics like that. Anyway, I grabbed The Vinyl Detective – Written in Dead Wax by Andrew Cartmell (mostly because Ben Aaronovitch talked a lot about the books on Twitter and whatnot). My Blind Date is with Fonda Lee’s Jade City, described as “Fantasy/Adult” and “The Godfather but with magic” (or words to that effect). And then I also purchased — and got signed — the new version of Devri Wall’s Venators.

Back in 2016, I read and blogged about Devri Wall’s The Wizard’s Heir and Venators: Through the Arch, and she was nice enough to answer A Few Quick Questions for me. We got to chat about why there’s a new version of the book, when to expect the next in the series, and what not. My wife, who actually thinks about things other than books, suggested getting a picture (ever the rookie, my fingers are covering the title).

As part of the game at RD, I had to take a couple of pics, I might as well throw them up here. One task was to take a picture of the bookstore — here’s the rare empty spot today (filled up seconds later). Another task was to take a photo of a Non-Fiction book with a great cover. I don’t know that I’ll read Best Before: The Evolution and Future of Processed Food, but that’s just a great cover.

4 thoughts on “2018 Independent Bookstore Day

    1. Not being a dog guy? I must now roll the Dice of Frienship. If it comes up evens, we can no longer be friends. If it comes up Odds, well, then we can be still be friends but you’re a weirdo 😀

      *roll, roll, roll*

      (but in answer to your question, yeah, it can help — and you frequently find yourself doing it automatically anyway.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahahaha. Touche! Dang, eating my own words.

        Oh man, that made me laugh hard. Thanks 😀

        Is it a frequency thing? I would have assumed that a deep, rumbly voice would give off that alpha male thing.


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