Independent Bookstore Day 2019 – April 27!

You like books, right? Otherwise, why are you here? (which is not to say you’re not welcome regardless) You like bookstores, too, right? Nothing against Barnes & Noble or any of the dozens of great online booksellers — but there’s nothing like a good Independent Bookstore. Staff who know their wares; possibly get to know your tastes; care about books, writing, etc.

(and they’re better for the local economy than chains, too, but that’s out of my wheelhouse, so I’m not going to pretend I know what I’m talking about)

Basically, they’re great resources, community centers, and places to spend your money. To celebrate/promote them, Indie Bookstores all around the country are celebrating Independent Bookstore Day tomorrow. Go, check a local store out — see the exclusive items just for the day. If you’re in Southwest Idaho, Rediscovered Books in Boise is the place to go — although Idaho has a few other great options, too. I realize most of you aren’t from Idaho, but I know you can find something near you.

BookRiot has posted a handy guide: 5 Things You Should Do on Independent Bookstore Day that you should check out.

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