Happy Blogiversary to Me!

You can really tell that graphic design isn’t my thing, can’t you?

While looking for something else this weekend, I found my kick-off post from this day in 2013.

2,279 Posts Later, here we are — I’ve already posted almost as many posts this year as I did that first year and had almost 6x the visitors. Guess it’s safe to say that things have grown a bit. My traffic isn’t what I dreamed it might be early on, and likely won’t be — but I’m honestly a little stunned every time I look at my stats. That many people have dropped by????

More important than the numbers — I’ve had a blast doing this. I’ve read so many great things — many, many things I’d never have even heard of without this blog. I’ve corresponded with more great authors than I can think of — and best of all, there’s you readers.

I want to thank all of you for your time, your comments, your encouragement — occasionally, your editing. I assure you that every view, every like, every comment, every retweet, every email is encouraging and I can’t thank you enough. Hopefully, I remember to say sthat more regularly.


18 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary to Me!

  1. Congrats!!!
    I do have to say, for someone who claims to not like writing posts, you certainly seem to pump them out. 2200 in 6 years? Yeah, you’re a writing machine 😉

    Hoping your next 6 are just as good…

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    • Ugh. I come across as someone who doesn’t like writing? Nah, man — I enjoy the process. Just find it taxing, and since I typically start late in the evening, my mental “gas” is running on fumes. Spend too much time writing to not like it — and those 6-10 times a year when I nail something I write? Nothing better.

      Liked by 1 person

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