#IndieCrimeCrawl — Coming next week!

As the graphic indicates, I’ll be part of the Indie Crime Crawl happening over this wee Internet thingy next week. (BTW, isn’t that the best graphic I’ve hosted here? Makes me look a lot tougher than I can hope to be). It was organized by Eric Beetner and IRR favorite, Jo Perry and promises to be a great time.

I’m not going to promise what will be here, but I have many plans, we’ll see what time and energy levels are up to as far as seeing them through. Regardless, what I’ll be chipping in will be just a drop in the bucket — both Indie Crime Fiction Publishers and Bloggers are participating in this celebration of some of the most fantastic Crime Fiction around! There’ll be reviews, guest posts, special offers and who knows what else from Publishers and Bloggers.

Check in here, I’ll be trying to share some of the highlights, but the best thing to do is track the Twitter hashtag #IndieCrimeCrawl. Probably too much for any one person to read — unless they put their books down for a week (who’d be that crazy?) — but it’s worth trying (and isn’t that what Pocket was invented for?)!

Here’s the Publishers involved:

and (at least some) of the bloggers:

(why they put me with these luminaries and heavy hitters, I’ll never know)

This looks like a blast — and TBR fodder for months! Join in the fun!

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