#IndieCrimeCrawl — Highlights from July 15

Wow, there were a lot of tweets with the hashtag #IndieCrimeCrawl today — primarily all sorts of great deals from Indie Publishers that really made me regret not having a book budget this month. You really should go check them out.

Beyond that, there were two blog posts about Indie Crime Fiction that I wanted to make sure got put in front of a few more eyeballs:

  • A Time to Write: Crime Fiction and the Independent Press — from Pen & Ink Reviews
  • What is Indie? — from It’s an Indie Book Blog. Yeah, sure, it’s a little over the top — the Indie scene/market likes to think of itself as inclusive and welcoming and where everyone can “be ourselves” but there’s a strict orthodoxy and orthopraxy to it, just as much as everywhere else. Beyond that, though, it’s a good post (and isn’t it pretty to think so).

Wonder what tomorrow will bring . . .

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