#IndieCrimeCrawl — Highlights from July 16

I wasn’t able to get anything I liked ready for today — I do think I figured out what I wanted to say about one book, though. Hopefully that goes up tomorrow. But Day 2 saw another good number tweets with the hashtag #IndieCrimeCrawl today — primarily all sorts of great deals from Indie Publishers — some new today — that really made me regret not having a book budget this month. You really should go check them out.

Beyond that, there were some posts and reposts of reviews of Indie Crime Fiction — a lot of good stuff to read. There werw a couple I wanted to be sure I passed along. two blog posts about Indie Crime Fiction that I wanted to make sure got put in front of a few more eyeballs:

  • Yusuf Toropov- Jihadi: A Love Story — from Raven Crime Reads. I don’t know how I missed this book during the tour (especially this post), but I did — and regret it. This looks like a heckuva read. Great post.
  • Changeling (Six Stories) – Matt Wesolowski — For some reason, I’ve resisted jumping onto this bandwagon — I like the way these novels are told; I’ve heard an interview with the author who seems like a pretty clever guy; I’ve not heard/seen a solid negative thing about the novels. But for some reason, they’ve stayed off of my TBR. But this post from The Beardy Book Blogger just might have sealed the deal for me.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store on Day 3.

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