Indie Crime Crawl: Ad Fontes — The Authors

Okay, for my last couple of posts for the Indie Crime Crawl, I’ve decided to go back to the sources—the authors and publishers of the Indie Crime books I’ve been thinking about/talking about all this week. Check them out. Without them, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

I’ve put a few in bold that you definitely want to check out—but I’ve enjoyed offerings from all of these.

(N.B.:this is not an exhaustive list, nor is it intended to be—there are a lot of indie publishers out there, I’m not going to pretend to know them all; I just pulled these lists from glancing through my logs and I might have not recognized some as indies without checking further; I couldn’t find an active site for some; and/or avoided some that I wasn’t that impressed with.)

A David Ahern
Carolyn Arnold
B Cheryl Denise Bannerman
C.G. Barrett
Gray Basnight
Clare Blanchard
Leopold Borstinski
Simon Bower
Rebecca Bradley
Steph Broadribb
Matt Brolly
Jonathan Charles Bruce
Nathan Burrows
C Jacqueline Chadwick
Jim Cliff
E. J. Copperman, Jeff Cohen
D Russell Day
F Alan J. Field
Tony J. Forder
G Paul Gadsby
Dave Gehrke
Robert Germaux
M.K. Graff
Chris Grams
H Nancy Hersage
Noelle Holten
J Michael RN Jones
Brent Jones
K Joe Klingler
Nick Kolakowski
Charles Kriel
L Neil Lancaster
David Harris Lang
Rich Leder
Ken Levine
Jim Lusby
M Max McBride
Russel D. McLean
Duncan MacMaster
Luna Miller, Aidan Isherwood (Translator)
Dreda Say Mitchell
Fidelis Morgan
Todd Morr
N David Nolan
O Judith O’Reilly
P Richard Paolinelli
Ian Patrick
Nicky Peacock
Jo Perry
Matt Phillips
Q Nick Quantrill
Bryon Quertermous
R Mark Rapacz
Gary Raymond
Betsy Reavley
Miranda Rijks
Nathan Ronen
S. J. Rozan
Desmond P. Ryan
OMJ Ryan
S Carl Schmidt
Mindy M. Shelton
Rob Sinclair
Dave Sinclair
James Stansfield
Jay Stringer
Ruth Sutton
V Jon Voss
W Chuck Waldron
Frank Westworth
Dale Wiley
Anna Willett
Erica Wright
Erich Wurster
Z Mark David Zaslove

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