COVER REVEAL: The Vagabond Mother by Tracey Scott-Townsend

Welcome to The Irresponsible Reader’s part in the Cover Reveal for Tracey Scott-Townsend’s The Vagabond Mother—although, guessing by the people taking part in this Reveal, geography/time zones, etc. at this point, it’s more of a Cover Confirmation. Still, welcome. Pretty pictures ahead.

But first, some words.

In particular, words that you’d find on the . . .

Back of the Book

Not every Vagabond is a Castaway…

Maya Galen’s oldest son, Jamie, left home eight years ago after a massive row with his parents and now Joe, her youngest child and apple of her eye, has cut off all contact with them too.

Called to Australia to identify the body of a young man, Maya is given her son’s journal. After a sleepless night she decides that the only thing she can do is follow in Joe’s footsteps and try to discover her most basic human self. Eschewing a monetary lifestyle, from now on she must rely on her physical and emotional strength to survive.

Following Joe’s hand-drawn maps and journal entries, she travels from Australia to Denmark and beyond, meeting many other travellers along the way and learning valuable lessons.

Eventually a crisis forces her to return home and confront the end of her marriage, but also a new understanding of what family, in the widest sense, really means.


Exploring the big questions at the heart of human existence, The Vagabond Mother shares territory with books and films such as Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, The Way, starring Martin Sheen, Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found by Cheryl Strayed and Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

This book will weigh-in at 312 pages and will be available on Jan. 20 from Amazon UK and US (I’m not sure about other Amazons).

Without further ado…

The Cover

That’s a nice looking cover, isn’t it?

Here it is with the back cover, too:

Now, I’ve done my part—I’ve revealed and/or confirmed the cover. Now it’s your turn, knowing what the cover looks like, put it on your shelf/kindle. Go click on the link for Amazon UK and US and get this ordered.

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