The Mail I Get – While I was Out Edition

More than a few book bloggers, bookstagrammers, and other book types that I follow here and there will occasionally post pictures of the books they get in the mail — I’ve never done that, because usually the stuff I’m given is in e-form, and it’s hard to get a good picture of those (not that I’m a fantastic source of good pictures — I’m working on it).

But, while being gone for 30+ days, I got a few books/book-related items in the mail, so I figured I’d share a picture–

So, that’s a copy of Kill the Farm Boy by Deliah S. Dawson and Kevin Hearne (and some pins the publisher sent because I preordered); The Annotated Big Sleep which I’m really looking forward to diving into; a copy of The Lobster Boy And The Fat Lady’s Daughter by Charles Kriel with a snazzy new cover; ditto for A Mint Condition Corpse by Duncan MacMaster, Pugs Unleashed by Dave Kellet (and some nifty postcards I got for Kickstarting it); and that furry fella — (a better picture is below) is Oberon from the Iron Druid Chronicles (via Worldbuilders) — I wish I could take a better picture of him, because he’s adorable (and a little larger than I assumed), click the link for a photo taken by a capable photographer.

I may leave home more often if that’s what’s waiting for me when I get back.


The Mail I Get . . . 5/15/18

(with apologies to Lee Goldberg for stealing his title for blog posts to describe the strange, the obnoxious, the puzzling emails that he gets.)

I don’t normally do this, but come on.

I received this review request today:

[Title Redacted] is for the 21st century woman who is ready for a new narrative about dating, romance, sex and life! [Title Redacted] helps women move from fear to freedom. It offers practical dating advice, teaching women to navigate through the often challenging and daunting dating world, while countering the sexist, stereotypical and, frankly, stupid “instructions” spewed at women by self-professed male “dating experts.”

[Title Redacted] puts the FUN back into dating while also providing no-nonsense guidance that empowers and encourages women who have grown weary, been disappointed, and are still holding on to outmoded and unrealistic expectations about their dating choices. [Title Redacted] reminds women of their worth, helping them understand that they do not need to fit some antiquated model of being “accepted” or “chosen” by men.

For women who are so ready to sever the cord – quickly, forcefully and permanently – that has kept them bound by dangerous dogma and silly, sexist “thought leaders,” [Title Redacted] offers fresh, funny advice for discovering themselves, deciding what they really want, and enjoying dating!

I’m not expecting some author/editor/representative to exhibit an exhaustive knowledge of this blog — but what on Earth suggests for a second that this is the kind of book I’d read (much less appreciate)??? Why spend the time filling out my form without taking a quick glance around to see if it’s in my wheelhouse (the form pretty much makes it clear that it’s not).

The Mail I Get . . .

(with apologies to Lee Goldberg for stealing his title for blog posts to describe the strange, the obnoxious, the puzzling emails that he gets.)

Have myself a nasty case of eyestrain today — which makes this whole thing interesting — I got about half of a post written, but I can’t read it, so who knows how good it is. Thankfully, I can still make out graphics enough to black out revealing information, so I can tell a little story and still get a post up today. My eldest assures me that I got the graphics right — and he even fixed a typo that I couldn’t see.

Last year I got this email:

I responded (I seem to have sent several emails that day, most of which were overdue, so I didn’t realize that this one wasn’t):

I got the book, didn’t like it at all, posted about it, and then a couple of weeks later, I got this email:

I chose not to reply.

Fast-forward to this week, when I got this from the same author:

Believe it or not, I said I’d be happy to read it — I think there’s a really good chance that I’ll like this one. I really hope I do — I prefer liking things to any alternatives. (and, yeah, it’d be a better ending to the story).