The Mail I Get . . .

(with apologies to Lee Goldberg for stealing his title for blog posts to describe the strange, the obnoxious, the puzzling emails that he gets.)

Have myself a nasty case of eyestrain today — which makes this whole thing interesting — I got about half of a post written, but I can’t read it, so who knows how good it is. Thankfully, I can still make out graphics enough to black out revealing information, so I can tell a little story and still get a post up today. My eldest assures me that I got the graphics right — and he even fixed a typo that I couldn’t see.

Last year I got this email:

I responded (I seem to have sent several emails that day, most of which were overdue, so I didn’t realize that this one wasn’t):

I got the book, didn’t like it at all, posted about it, and then a couple of weeks later, I got this email:

I chose not to reply.

Fast-forward to this week, when I got this from the same author:

Believe it or not, I said I’d be happy to read it — I think there’s a really good chance that I’ll like this one. I really hope I do — I prefer liking things to any alternatives. (and, yeah, it’d be a better ending to the story).

One thought on “The Mail I Get . . .

  1. Man, I thought my little post about indies was good, but this blows it out of the water!
    I have to say, your reviews are so brutal that I usually have a dishrag in my hand so I can squeeze it to help release the stress.

    But for that author to ask you to review ANOTHER book means they’re an idiot, desperate or so short on mental reserves that they forgot. Of course, your brutal honesty could have touched a chord deep inside them and now they have stockholm syndrome and will stalk you. It was nice knowing you 😉

    I just can’t believe you are reviewing another book by them though. Even if it is good, why? They’ve already shown their true colors.

    But a good post. Great story fodder.

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