Indexing, Episode 12: Bad Apple by Seanan McGuire

Now that this serial is over, my plan is to write up my thoughts on this last episode and then in a day or two, write something on the series as a whole. Should prove easier to do, anyway.

IndexingIndexing by Seanan McGuire
Series: Indexing, #1.12

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Episode 12: Bad Apple
Spoiler-y, but not terribly so, words to follow. Use caution.

It almost had to end this way, didn’t it? The focus throughout has been on Henry and Sloane — sure, the rest of the team were used well, but McGuire’s kept our attention on these two. So when most of the Bureau is taken out of commission, obviously they’d be the two least affected. The conclusion isn’t the knock-down, drag-out, epic fighting many might have guessed. Instead, Henry and Sloane simply outsmart their nemesis, using the narrative as only those who spend every waking moment dealing with it could (not that this is violence-free, Sloane does get to strut her stuff a bit).

We also get a little more information on the Snow White fairly tale, and what it can do to a person. Pretty fascinating, although I’m not sure how much was necessary for us. I’ll probably talk more about this in the next post.

A lot of fun — a climax that seemed a bit rushed (I have to keep reminding myself that McGuire has limited space to work with here), but that’s really my only beef.

I’ve gotten used to dipping my toe into this world every couple of weeks, and I’ll miss the world. Glad I got these 12 episodes, though.


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