A Nifty Surprise from Pocket Books!

When I got home from work today, a package containing this letter was waiting for me:

For those who can’t make it out, it reads:
Dear Reader,

You are receiving this package because you have recently been identified as a “superfan” of Kim Harrison! Enclosed here are two paperback copies of The Drafter, one for you and one for a friend. Please read, enjoy and share your thoughts with friends and family.

The next novel in the Peri Reed Chronicles, The Operator, goes on sale this November. Upon publication, we will happily send you a copy of The Operator to read, review, and share with friends.
Thank you for your continued enthusiasm for Kim Harrison’s work! Happy Reading!

With best wishes,

Now, this is coolest surprise I’ve received in quite a while. I’ve already got a copy of The Drafter, so I guess I have two for friends. I’ll figure out how I’m going to give these away soon (feel free to leave suggestions in the Comments below). As far as sharing my thoughts on it? I’ve done a bit of that already (here, here, and a little bit here)– but in essence, it’s the best thing I’ve read by Harrison, ever. And as a newly official Kim Harrison Superfan, when I say it’s the best, that means something 🙂 (or maybe, as a superfan, I’m too biased to pay attention to, but let’s ignore that possibility)

And getting a copy of The Operator? Suh-weet!

Here’s my question, though: How the grawlix did they get my address?!?!

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