Audiobooks and Other Programming Notes

Two days without a post about a book, which is pretty annoying — I’ve been working on a couple, but somehow I haven’t finished any since Tuesday. Sorry!

So my new job involves a lot of — I want to say mindless work, but that’s not true. Le’s just say that there’s a lot of work where you’re isolated and could use something to occupy part of your mind. So I’ve been listening to more audiobooks than normal. Many of which are books I’ve read before, so they’re sort of part of the Reread Project. But I’m working in a few new books, too. I need to get better a simply regurgitating what I’ve said before about these re-reads, I realize.

Let me just say, I’m really disappointed in the tastes of whoever it is in my library that borrows audiobooks. Based on the selection, there’s high demand for lousy books.

Come to think of it, looking at the shelves, that’s true of paper books, too — it’s just more obvious in the small sample size of audiobooks.

Anyway, when it comes to audiobooks, it’s impossible to just keep things to the writing itself, performance comes in to play, too. So I have to talk that some (and I’ve listened to a couple lately that have hurt the books, and a couple that have helped the books, one or two that made no difference). I want to keep the focus on writing, story, character — but part of the audiobook experience is the narrator(s). I may end up lumping a few write-ups into one post instead of several individual. Also, I’m going to try to keep the audiobook talk to Fridays (no reason, just wanted to pick a day).

So, that’s what’s going on with me — a little writer’s block, a whole bunch of good books, a new type of book showing up regularly, and me falling more and more behind on posts.

What are you reading lately?


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