The Most Feared Books of All Time

It almost seems as though any book that gets famous enough is going to earn some complaints and criticism. These usually come from parents looking to protect their children from topics and material they deem unfit for consumption. When a complaint is formally submitted with the intent to remove reading material from a library or required reading list, it is known as a challenge. A successful challenge results in a ban.

Although it may seem like a positive thing from the outside, challenges are usually met with much resistance from educators and faculty member. The team at researched and illustrated a timeline of some of the most feared and banned books in history and tracked why people wanted to get these works banned in the first place. Check out the graphic to see the entire list! How many of your favorite books actually made it on that list?

The Most Feared Books of All Time

(thanks to Bryan from for asking me to post this and for writing the intro)


2 thoughts on “The Most Feared Books of All Time

  1. Oh my gosh. The bible is banned? I feel like such a rebel now!
    Also, calling Huckleberry Finn racist is kinda ridiculous. When it was written, it got a lot of smack for being so non-racist as to make a black character also the noble hero of the story–it portrays the racism of the time, somewhat painfully, but it never agrees with it.


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