Backlog (writing and reading)

I’ve had a couple of weeks lately where I open up a file to write a review/review-like thing and nothing happens, there were 4 I tried to write this week that didn’t get done. This is extraordinarily frustrating.

Well, just to feel like I actually accomplished something today (other than finishing a pretty decent book), I just updated my Reviews in Progress page. I just added 23 books from this summer that I haven’t made/found time to write about.

The size of my TBR list is about the same. I’m tempted to make a similar page for it, but think I’ll hold off, as it fluctuates a bit.

Wow! I really, really, really need to get to work . . . Authors who are waiting, I promise I’m doing what I can.


2 thoughts on “Backlog (writing and reading)

    • that’s an interesting question — definitely not “bleh”ness about the books — most of them, anyway. Probably writer’s block, with a side order of general bleh about being productive. Mostly, I think it’s the size of my “To Do” list inducing a paralysis, y’know?

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