Well, that was a mistake . . .

Did my taxes (well, mostly) before I wrote today’s post. My brain is fried now and there’s no way that I can come up with something anywhere coherent.

Can’t even find a silly picture, meme, or a conclusion to this . . . someone semi-famous said, “Math is hard!”

Hope you’re reading something non-tax related and entertaining today.


2 thoughts on “Well, that was a mistake . . .

  1. Here’s a book that will soothe your brain without insulting your intelligence:

    “Silk” by Alessandro Baricco
    This slim novella is flat-out beautiful. It has the rhythm of a poetic epic. It has a couple of erotic passages which are tremendously evocative without falling over the edge into pornography, It includes international adventure and exotic locale, but reduces a trip fraught with peril to a mysterious destination halfway around the world, a trip which would have occupied 500 pages in a different novel, into a recurring paragraph. “Silk” has only seven characters, two of whom are unnamed, one who never speaks, Several of them appear and disappear with less than a thousand words allowed to them, yet each of them seems somehow fully alive.

    The protagonist, Herve Joncour, has “an unusual career… . He bought and sold silkworms for a living.” We know that this career is doomed to be shortlived. What else will Herve strive for and lose?

    I picked up this book off the 25-cent table at the library. It is enthralling. The paperback version available on Amazon has a different translator, so there is some risk….


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