Well this is one way to build up some posts

When I posted a couple of weeks ago that I was afraid regular posting might not happen, I expected it to be because of medical problems, concerns, general fatigue on my part from dealing with the above, etc.

What I didn’t expect was that the hotel we’re staying in would lose its Wi-Fi for two straight days, and probably one or two more. Which means there is no way to get the multiple posts I’ve written from my laptop to your screen.

And no, I can’t use my phone to post – it’d be ugly and take hours. So watch this space, I’m doing my best. And hopefully you aren’t expecting an email of any length from me.

9 thoughts on “Well this is one way to build up some posts

  1. See, fate itself is conspiring to make you start scheduling stuff 😉

    Of course, I’m pretty much back to only being ahead on reviews. All the other non-review posts I’m still writing by the seat of my pants. So I don’t have a strong position to be pointing fingers from 😀

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  2. from A PLACE CALLED SCHUGARA, p.162:

    “You will never see de advertising dat says, ‘Come to Federique and sleep alone,'” Smith boasted. “What you Americans need is to get free. Free of de microwave oven. Free of de electrified coffee pot. Free of de seventeen types of chocolate toothpaste. All you need”–and here he winked–“is love. Instead you have de garbage disposal. Eet ease better to sleep naked with someone dan to sleep alone in silk pajamas.”
    The cynic in me started to respond, “What is best of all is to put silk pajamas on afterwards,” but the sky was too close, eloquent and sure, so I said nothing.

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