Blood Trade by Faith Hunter

Blood Trade
Blood Trade by Faith Hunter
Series: Jane Yellowrock, #6
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jane Yellowrock is slowly, but surely, becoming a real favorite of mine. In the beginning, she struck me as a fairly generic vampire hunter, with an obnoxious streak and a complicated ethnic/childhood background that was passed off as interesting. Nothing special, but good enough to keep reading.

But lately, I’ve found myself anticipating the next installment. Blood Trade resolved a few dangling plotlines from previous books, developed a couple more, and set the stage for at least 2-3 more books in the series. And while doing so, provided a story with good action, some nice twists, and some genuine heart.

I really, really liked the new characters introduced here — two former classmates of Jane’s back from her Christian school days and the child of one of those classmates. It was good to see Jane through the eyes of people that didn’t primarily know her as a vampire killer.

Jane’s relationship with Eli and the Kid grew in a positive way, and I really like the shape of their relationships, and hope they continue to develop in this fashion.

One thing I hope Hunter improves on — although I don’t see it happening — is the romance front. I couldn’t care less about Jane’s vacillating between various romantic (using the term as broadly as possible here) interests here. It’s tedious, Jane’s usually shown as little more than base desires, and constantly self-sabotaging. If there was some growth there, some change at least, I might feel differently. But Hunter shows no sign of moving off this point, and I bet I’m one of the few who don’t like it. So I need to continue to deal with it.


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