Indexing, Episode 9: Whiteout by Seanan McGuire


IndexingIndexing by Seanan McGuire
Series: Indexing, #1.9

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Episode 9: Whiteout
Wait? That’s it? It’s over?

Sort of a let-down, honestly, after Episodes 7 and 8. But it makes sense, the story and the characters need a break to regroup, to refocus, to make sure that they (and the readers) grasp what’s going on. The pieces are moved around a bit and the stage is set for 2 chapters of rockin’ action, and I’m betting 1, or maybe half of one for dénouement.

And really, my initial reaction wasn’t fair — there was a fair bit of action, it just wasn’t as dazzling. The choice that Henry makes to save her team — and to allow them to move on and stop Mother Goose — is just as dramatic as anything that happened earlier, it just didn’t look that way. The realizations that she comes to as result of that choice, about the nature of the Narrative are really what everything’s been driving toward and will likely prove to be the key to stopping the tumult the agency finds itself in the midst of.

This episode was all Henry’s, and we didn’t get enough of Sloane, Andy or Jeff. We didn’t need a lot Demi time here, particularly when McGuire got as much mileage out of her brief appearance as she did.

Not the most obviously good episode of this serial, but a solid one, and a necessary one. Bring on the action in 10!


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