A Blogger’s Manifesto: A Modern Day Guide to Blogging by Aman Mittal

A Blogger's ManifestoA Blogger’s Manifesto: A Modern Day Guide to Blogging

by Aman Mittal

Kindle Edition, 91 pg.

Read: February 2, 2018

This is a short “how-to” book for people who want to/have recently started a blog — Mittal covers the basics from getting started, some basic writing advice, how to grow an audience — and even a little about monetizing (for those who want to).

Mittal himself is a book blogger, so he writes from experience. He also spends some time focusing on how to not just to run a blog but a book blog. Discussing review policies, author interviews, book tours and more. But a lot of his advice even here is easily transferred to other types of blogs.

There’s a lot in here I responded to just because of the book blogging aspect — his plans for shelving, talking about ordering that one extra book to get free shipping, etc. I am jealous of the fact that he has a month’s worth of content prepared in advance — I think it’s pretty clear here that if I have something to publish, it’s up — I’ve tried to get a few days to a week in advance, but a month? That’s insane (and I’m so jealous). Mittal’s such a book blogger that not only does he make frequent references to books to read, he includes three lists to help bloggers with their writing, thinking and marketing.

Yeah, there were a few too many typos/editing mistakes for my liking. Oh well, it took almost no effort to guess what Mittal was going for, and didn’t detract all that much from the book.

Brief, but comprehensive; helpful; all in all useful — this is a good book for the asprirtional blogger, or the experienced blogger needed a quick refresher on some basics to reinvigorate their blogs. Well worth the time.


3.5 Stars

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